After installing threadModeler for Inventor 2017 or newer, the threadModeler panel is not visible in the coolOrange ribbon.


  • Since Inventor 2017 third party add-ins have to be explicitly allowed. 
  • Inventor LT does not support the use of third party add-ins
  • An unsupported version of Inventor is used.
  • An assembly is opened
  • In some rare cases there is an issue with the installer


  • In order to allow threadModeler follow these steps:
    • Navigate to Tools -> Options
    • Press Add-Ins to open the add-in manager
    • In the add-in manager select the coolorange-ThreadModeler add-in
    • Uncheck the "Block" checkbox
    • Check the "Loaded/Unloaded" and "Load Automatically" check boxes
    • Press "OK"
  • If Inventor LT is used you will need to upgrade to Inventor or Inventor professional
  • If an unsupported version of Inventor is used you will need to upgrade to a supported version. Currently supported versions are listed on threadModeler's download page. (2014 and upwards when this was written)
  • ThreadModeler only works for parts
  • If everything of the above did not help you contact our support and tell them about it. They will provide you with an alternative installer