powerVault 17.0.24 available

With powerVault 17.0.24, the properties of the objects are again editable and a bug for retrieving the latest file BOM version is fixed.

  • The writable properties are relevant especially in the case of powerGate and the BOM dialog. You as you retrieve the BOM, you may apply some changes, such as changing the quantity from 1,2,3,... to 10,20,30,... So far, the properties where read only, and so you had to add a new property in order to handle such situations. Now that the properties are again writeable, you can overwrite the value on the object. The value change does not affect the data in Vault, just the volatile data in the object.
  • The Get-VaultFileBOM returns the CAD BOM, and with the -GetChildrenBy,  you can define wether the BOM shall be returned "as is", or latest version, latest released version, etc. especially with the latest version there where some problems that have been now fixed.
Download the new powerVault from https://www.coolorange.com/en/apps_vault.php. Just update your existing version with the latest.

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