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Job Server Queue and PowerJob

If I submit a large number of files to the job server to create PDFs or DWFxs (using powerjobs), other users then cannot add additional jobs via powerjobs until the queue is empty

hi Brian, i'm not aware of any limitation of the job-queue, however, a given job for a given file can be just one time in the queue, except for error jobs. As an example, if you queue a PDF-job for the file 4711.idw, and the job is in the queue "pending" or in "execution", then you cannot queue the same job for the same file again. If the job is in state "error", then it's not a problem. You can have several "error" jobs of same type for the same file. But while a job is pending or processing, the same job for that file cannot be queued again.

does this make sense, or help anyhow? If not, could you give us a bit more details?


Hello Marco. I was aware of trying to queue the same file scenario is not permitted. I am using a script to create PDF's. The example....I selected several hundred drawings to generate PDF's. Another person in the company need just a single PDF to be created. He got a message that basically denied the request. So, I terminated the job that I started and had him try and it worked!

We also generate PDF's at "state" changes in Vault. Those never have an issue if I am running a powerjob.

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