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Printing in monochrome

We are having issues generating PDFs that should print in monochrome. Looking through the wiki, it mentions to modify the PDF.dwg (located here: C:\ProgramData\coolOrange\powerJobs\Modules\Export\PDF.dwg). 

I encountered an issues when doing so - the file was read only. 

So I created a copy of the file, named it the same and made a backup of the original. 

After making the changes to the Page Setup of the new PDF.dwg, it seems like the job processor is still NOT printing in monochrome. What could be causing this issue? Also, is there a way I can specify monochrome printing in the job script?

Thank you.

Hallo Jeffery,

please make sure that you make the changes in the AutoloaderLayoutSetup for layouts and in the AutoloaderModelSetup for the model space. Otherwise your settings will be ignored. Also make sure the PDF.dwg is actually used in your job.

You can check that in your Export-Document commandlet. The -Options parameter takes the setup drawing.


$exportResult = Export-Document -Format 'PDF' -To $localPDFfileLocation -Options $configFile -OnExport $onExport

In my case $configFile is set by the function

$configFile = GetAutoCADSetupFile -Papersize $file.Papersize

This function gets me different setup dwg files based on the passed in paper size and I would have to configure all of them separately.

I hope this helps



Thank you! I was able to configure everything correctly and now the drawings are printing in monochrome.

However, I now have another issue. The line weights are a lot lighter and barely visible when it goes through the automation process vs when done manually. For example, when a user prints a PDF created by powerJobs, the lines are not as dark as when a PDF is created from AutoCAD and printed manually. I have tried to compare the Page Setup with the manual printing configuration, but I cannot find a difference.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

You have to check the setting "Plot object lineweights" in the page setup. If this setting is unchecked all the lines are plottet with minimal thinness.

Yes, I have "Plot object lineweights" selected but I still have the same problem. The only thing that comes out normally are the leaders used point to on object on the drawing.

By any chance, do the styles (layers, dimension, text, etc.) in the PDF.dwg have an effect on the way the drawing prints?

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