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Get-ERPObjects with case insensitive filter


I have this query is ps1 for powerGate Serach windows in Vault Explorer


function SearchItem
	$searchNumber = $dsWindow.FindName("searchNumber").Text.ToLower()
	$searchDescription = $dsWindow.FindName("searchDescription").Text.ToLower()
	$result = Get-ERPObjects -EntitySet "ItemMethod" -Filter "substringof('$searchNumber',No) eq true and substringof('$searchDescription',Description) eq true" -OrderBy @{"No"="Ascending"}

	$dsWindow.FindName("searchResults").ItemsSource = $result

How to perform a filter case insensitive on Description properties?

Thanks in advance

hi Xavier, you can use ToUpper in your filter. This should work:


 You can find the supported URI conventions here:

hope this helps

p.s.: please mark as solved if this solves your problem

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Thanks, it works.

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