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create a PDF from a DXF file

As the title says is this possible

Running a script seems to try to start 'DWG trueview' but this then fails at the open stage.

So is there anyway to use dxf files to create a pdf?


Hello Martin,

this is not easily possible. You can find a list of format conversions, supported by the Export-Document commandlet, on this page

If you want to export DXF to PDF you'll probably need to use AutoCAD as Inventor requires some form of import configuration to open DXF. As a rule of thumb you can say that almost everything can be automated that can be done through the UI. Though you can use AutoCAD with the workflow described in this article ( ) it is not a small task as you also have to write a plot or export function to get your PDF.

This requires quite a bit of knowledge of the AutoCAD API

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the information that is just what I need.

All the Best

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