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PowerJobs: Automatic login

Add an option to automatically login when starting powerJobs/restarting the system like the Vault jobprocessor, so it isn't needed anymore to manually login into powerJobs.

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English translation (more or less) - Also, I vote up this suggestion!

I am creating an idea for future PowerJobs versions. Customers repeatedly receive the requirement that PowerJobs automatically restart the same way as the standard Autodesk Jobprocessor on Windows restart / system startup (this works already), but then automatically logs on to Vault (that does not work and requires powerjobs) thus always a manual registration).

The login dialog unfortunately remains

Thanks in advance!

We really need this feature too.  Why is it so difficult to achieve??

We need it too. 

Very much needed as we've got cases where custom jobs and time-enabled jobs need running.

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Definitely a feature I would use here, our job processor machine is a server

 Die automatische Anmeldung von PowerJobs würde auch uns sehr viel helfen. Gibt es hier schon etwas Neues?

Much needed function

I've done this using AutoHotKey -

  • Download the latest installer & install AutoHotkey
  • Download the attached script
  • Right-click -> Compile Script
  • This will build StartPowerJobs.exe
  • You can then move it into your startup folder, or use another method to autorun it

Note that you need to run powerJobs manually and login with the correct user/password before this will work, 


(379 Bytes)

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Thank you for your suggestion.
I made the installation (AutoHotKey version according to your instructions and copied the compiled exe to the autostart directory of the logged in user.
The program call works, but unfortunately the OK button in the login dialog is not executed.


Thanks Nick - AutoHotKey works well.  Turns out it's also possible to change the server name as well, useful as an option for load balancing servers.  The first Control parameter for ControlSend may need to be regenerated using Window Spy.


powerJobsFolder := "C:\Program Files\coolOrange\powerJobs"

powerJobsExe := powerJobsFolder . "\powerJobs.exe"

loginTitle := "Settings"

loginText := "Administrator"

loginServer := "servername"

Run %powerJobsExe%, %powerJobsFolder%

WinWait %loginTitle%, %loginText%

WinActivate %loginTitle%, %loginText%

; Delete all the existing text in the Server input box

ControlSend,, {Home}{Shift Down}{End}{Shift Up}{Backspace 2}, %loginTitle%

; Type in the alternative Server name

ControlSend,, %loginServer%, %loginTitle%

;ControlClick , Control-or-Pos, WinTitle, WinText, WhichButton, ClickCount, Options, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText

ControlClick, OK, %loginTitle%, %loginText%


"The program call works, but unfortunately the OK button in the login dialog is not executed."

I see one of your earlier posts is in German - are you using a German language version of Vault and/or Windows? I've only tried it with English

Can you post a screenshot of the login dialog box, and I'll see if I can make some suggestions


Brendan - good point about the server name, and you could also do the username & password using the same method.

I think that the ID of the control will be the same for all installations, but I'm wondering whether (based on Thomas' reply) there are differences from language to language


Nick, thank you for your reply.
Here are the screenshots of the login dialog box and the powerjobs dialog box.
Powerjobs runs on a Win10-VM with German operating system.
As you can see from the attached screenshots, the login dialog box is in English, but the Powerjobs dialog box is in German again.


I tried it on 3 of our servers and it seems to work. Thank you for this solution. 

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