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Creating pdf issue

Hi Sirs,

We have a script creating PDF, DXF and STP files attached for Items released. It seems like, sometimes, pdf version is not updated, while for DXF and STP file version is changed, for PDF file is not.

Someone has experienced something similar???


For now we are trying to delete files when item is set to WIP from RELEASED.

Pictures after change item state twice.

(92.1 KB)

Hallo Tomás,

what exactly is not increasing? Is the actual file version not increasing or is the file increasing and you mean the item link is not pointing to a newer version? 

Vault will not increase the file version if the new file is identical to the current latest version of the file. I guess that is what is happening with your PDFs. I made some tests with DXF and they seem to be slightly differently, even when created of the same file.

Hi Thomas

"actual file version is not increasing"... may be you are right, dxf dehavior seems to be different.

Now we are deleting neutlar formats, may be is better because historical is not needed.


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