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System Properties

Is there any way to access a system property?  I'm trying to capture the 'Checked Out' system property in order to monitor if a user has had a file checked out for a very long time.

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Hello Tim,

I understand that you want to get the value of the "Checked Out" system property.

If you are working with powerVault file objects it is rather easy to get the value. There are two ways to access a system propertie's value.

The underscore writing and the normal writing. The underscore writing will translate the property, in case you are using the script on a Vault with a different language. The normal writing just uses the display name which restricts your script to the language it was written in.


$filename = "ENG-0000013.idw"

Open-VaultConnection -Server 2017-S-12-E-RT -Vault Vault -User Administrator -Password ""

$file = Get-VaultFile -Properties @{"Name" = $filename}

Underscore writing:

Write-Host $file._CheckoutDate

Normal writing:

#If there are spaces in the propertie's display name you have to use single quotes to access it

Write-Host $file.'Checked Out'



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