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Data Standard Datasheet links

In the example below, the Datasheet tab of VDS lists some properties that are URLs. 

Is there a way to alter the Datasheet.xaml so that IF a property value is a URL the value displayed on the form is clickable? I’m wondering if the RequestNavigate method would be used but am not sure how it would go together.


 Anyone have any thoughts?  Can it be done?

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Hello Tim,

I'm afraid that is not easily possible (if at all) as the dynamic property grid is a proprietary control, made by Autodesk. What you could do is to add the two fields to the left side of the Datasheet tab and embed a <Hyperlink> control into a <TextBox> control or a <TextBlock> control.

I did not try this but found it on stackoverflow:

The <hyperlink> class:

Best regards


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