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powerEvents Debug mode

In the powerEvents beta there was a powerEventt.dll.config file that contained a setting allowing immediate changes to be implemented without restarting Vault.  In the new version of powerEvents it appears there is no config file.

Is there a way to run in debug mode during development so that I don't have to restart the Vault client with each change to an event?

hi Tim, you're right. The current released version requires a restart of Vault, however, some time next week, we will release a newer version of powerEvents that will support the reload of the scripts, in a quite dynamic and flexibly configurable way, and also the change order events, which are missing too in the current release.

As we were keen to get the new version out, we decided to postpone this two features and to release few weeks later a new released. This should happen next week, and then powerEvents is complete!



Thanks Marco!  We've got several client's who've been waiting for the release!

Hallo Tim,

we released a new powerEvents version this week which supports reloading of script files without restarting Vault again.

Take a look at this wiki page for more information

Best regards


Thanks Thomas,  as soon as I saw Marco's recent post I grabbed.  I'm anxious to try it out.

Thanks Again,


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