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dataLoader 2017 with Full Vault Path Limits Upload

When I run dataLoader 2017 with the full vault path, it always stops the upload at 25 rows every time. I tried it with only the filename and it completes the entire file. I need to use the full vault path due to duplicate file names.

Is there something I can do to resolve this issue?

Hello Amy

if dataLoader suddenly stops it is usually due to some error in the csv file. Do you get any error messages in the report or log files? The report files are linked in the last dataLoader screen. The logfiles can be found in "C:\ProgramData\coolOrange\dataLoader"

Could you send me your csv file, so I can try it out?

Best regards,


Thanks Thomas for directing me to the log files. I looked in the log files and it states:

"Trial Version is limited to 25 Files."

We do have a commercial license and it does work as expected for just the filename without the path.

I have to leave early today, but I will have a look at this issue tomorrow. Could you send me your csv file please so I don't need to create a test file. Also double check if you have a commercial or flat rate license, so I will test this with the correct license. It has either a COM or FLAT in the number.

Hello Amy,

I don't get this issue on my system. I just checked your license and you have a subscription. This enables you to use the latest version of dataLoader.

You can get the latest version for Vault 2017 here:

Please let me know if you have the same issue with this version.

Best regards,


The solution was to reinstall dataLoader and activate the license again

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