powerJobs 18.0.11 is ready

Hi, a new powerJobs version is ready for download. Several small issues have been fixed. For a complete list, please check the Change Log.

One thing to mention, is that powerJobs now does no longer set the project on every file, as long the project file is already the correct one. Also, in case a file remained open from a previous sessions and powerJobs tries to set the project file, you'll get an according error message.

As a side note, it is recommended that you do all application related tasks at once. So, open file, export and close, should be one block, and then the following operations you like to do with the generated/manipulated file. The purpose is to prevent that a file might remain open, due to an error related to some custom code. This version of powerJobs now handles better such situations, but it's good custom to have all application related actions as one block and then move on to the next actions. Our sample scripts do not reflect this now, as we do the Vault related operation (such as check-in of the PDF), after the export and before the file closing. We will clean up our script with the next version of powerJobs.

powerEvents contains powerVault 18.0.17

Hello Marco,

Your change log not working here. It said that the page take too long to respond. 


Thanks, the link was point to our internal system. The links should work now.



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