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Checking for references to latest released version

“upon drawings transitioning to a new state, generate an email a report of assemblies that do not reference the latest version of the latest release”


It would require looking at the Uses on an assembly referenced in a drawing, and seeing if it is the latest version checked into Vault

What are your thoughts on if we can do this with PowerJobs?



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Hello Kim,

this is possible, but in order to collect the necessary information for your report the Vault API has to be used directly. Though I'm not sure if I fully understand your request. What I understand is that you want to create a report after changing a drawing's state to released. What I don't fully understand is what is supposed to be in that report.

Do you just want to gather data about all the files that are directly used in that drawing? Also I'm interested what the use case for such a report would be. Vault offers the possibility to open assemblies in the "latest" version, which consumes all the latest components always. Do you have a special workflow that requires you to use the actual revision of the file instead of the "latest" revision?

Such a job would consist of three major parts

  • Collecting the required information
  • Creating a report of with the collected information
  • Sending the mail

  • Collecting the reference information can be done by the DocumentService.GetFileAssocationsByIds and DocumentService.GetFileAssociatonsLiteByIds functions. 
  • Creating a report could be done with the Export-CSV or ConvertTo-CSV commandlet

When I fully understand your requirement I could make a short sample how to use the assocation gathering functions.


Thomas Rossmeisl

Technical Support


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