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Open-Document fails in powerVault 18.0 ISE


I am using the special powerVault ISE when developing my CO jobs.

I cannot seem to get Open-Document to work in the ISE.  Works fine in scripts running on same machine called by powerJobs processor.


PS C:\Program Files\coolOrange\Modules\powerVault\Tools> $doc = Open-Document -LocalFile "c:\temp\P142110.ipt" -Application "Inventor" -Options @{'Project'='C:\VAULT WORKSPACE\MYWRK\PROJECTS\myproj.ipj';'FastOpen'=$false}

PS C:\Program Files\coolOrange\Modules\powerVault\Tools> $doc.ErrorMessage
Application 'Inventor' is not supported!

 The Commands list show that both powerJobs and powerVault modules are loaded. Other commands like Get-VaultFile and Get-VaultFileBom work fine.

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Ran<F5> Setup_Jobs.ps1.  That registered the application.

See more here:

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