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Data transfer prom ProductStream Pro 2011 to Vault Pro 2017 Solidworks Files

Good Morning,

I trying to migrate the ProductStream Pro 2011 data store to Vault Pro 2017.
ProductStream Pro contains SolidWorks files.
Using the Data Transfer Utility and then Vault BCP, Solidworks files are imported but do not have links.
Assemblies, parts and drawings are not linked to each other (uses and references).
You need to be able to import these files and open them in Solidworks.

Is possible?

Best regards.

Bruno Milano

Hi Bruno, thanks for reaching out to us. To answer your question, the response is "yes" ... but there are two aspects here:

  1. the Data Transfer Utility (DEX) just manages Inventor references. However, I would suggest that you get in touch with Autodesk in case you need an official statement and/or some guidance on how to handle your Solidworks files
  2. as coolOrange, we do have tools and knowledge around data migration, so in case you need assistance, we can provide help to you in form of a project. So, in addition to the DEX capabilities, we would have to write some custom module to handle the Solidworks references.

I have to admit, that we are Autodesk experts and not Solidworks. However, we have contacts which have Solidworks expertise that we can bring in to a project.

let us know how do you like to proceed?




Thank you Marco,

Autodesk support does not have an alternative solution.

The only thing is to make Solidwork packs and go and Check in in the Vault.

Losing all revisions.


Thanks anyway.



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