support for Vault 2018.2 - InventorServer

hou, hou, hou, right before Christmas, we release a support for Vault 2018.2 JobProcessor with InventorServer. It's an extension to the current powerJobs release that can be manually activated. Here you'll find the description:

The support for the Inventor Server is not yet part of the official product, as there are still some restrictions and issues. As of now, the Inventor Server does not support DWG and DXF export. The problem have been reported to Autodesk, and the team there is working on it. Therefore, we decided to make the support for Inventor Server as an option for now, for those that want to take advantage now, regardless of the given limitations.

As we are already working on the 2019 version, we probably will fully support Inventor Server, once the known issues are solve, with the version of 2019, which will be compatible to earlier Vault versions as well.

merry Christmas

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