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IDW Export to ACAD DWG with Thumbnails

 Hey guys,

is it possible to include the variable "Thumbsave" in an Export *.ini?

The reason is to get a preview of the exported dwg in Thin Client.

I havent get it to work.


Hello Manuel,
thank you for your answer.
I know that "Thumbsave" is an ACAD variable. But I think this variable is the the best explanation of what I need.
You are right with the save tab. But thats the problem, the option is set.
May be it is more an Inventor special problem than an CoolOrange stuff.
So far, thank you!!
I will try it with the Autodesk Support.


Hello Ramon,

as far as i know "Thumbsave" is a AutoCAD System variable and does not work in Inventor. I'm not sure if this is what you are asking but in Inventor if you right-click on your file and go to iproperties you'll find a save tab, there you can set the options to save the preview picture. Unfortunately i didn't find anything regarding the *.ini file but i will look further into that matter and come back at you.

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