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screen and nut

I have threaded a screw and nut in Inventor 2016 using the CoolOrange plugin. Both parts are exported to a * STL file. Low-accuracy printer and 0.1 mm layer, as well as support , and 30mm Thread 1.5. But when the two items are printed, they do not match, the nut is too small and they can not be screwed together. How can i make a screw and nut that can be printed and then screwed together.
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Hello Steen,

thanks for reaching out. As stated on the FAQ page of our wiki for threadModeler, it was not designed for 3D printing an the results vary. But you could try to modify the sketch that threadModeler creates and make the thread of the nut a bit bigger. ThreadModeler does not include a tolerance in the threads so they are modeled to fit perfectly and that could be a problem when printing the parts.


Viktor Gobbi

Technical Support


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