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Export-document ERROR

Originally we installed a powerjobs (and powervault) Trial on to a system that had 2 versions of Inventor and Vault installed (2014 and 2016). Since removing the 2014 versions Export-Document is reporting fatal errors in the powerjobs  log for every file create attempt, for any format file export. See attached log excerpt.

We have tried a repair and then a complete remove and re-install, but still have the problem.

I have searched everything I can find on the Wiki and support forums and my only observations are:

1. It seems powerjobs is trying to use DWG TrueView  to open ALL DWG files, not just AutoCAD DWG files. I am sure when we had the original install it opened Inventor for Inventor DWG files. It was however, using Inventor 2014 for some files and Inventor 2016 for others (un-migrated files maybe?) This broke the Inventor registry association, which is why we removed the 2014 versions.

2. There is no coolOrange.VaultServices_[Vault Version].dll installed to the GAC as the wiki states, should there be?

OS on powerjobs/jobserver system is Windows 7 Professional in case that is a factor.

Any suggestions or hints would be appreciated, we are a few days left on our trial and would like purchase, but for that to happen we need to get it back working again! :)


Paul Blackmore

Portakabin Ltd

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