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powerGate 19 - Show-BomWindow Exception


I migrate my code from R18 to R19.

Now, when I call Show-BomWindow, the first time I get a message:

an exception was thrown by the target of an invocation.

If I run it again, it works.

Here is the code, is there any changes in R19 (it work like that in R18)?

#Show BOM Windows

function ShowBOMWindows


 $dsdiag.trace(">>TransferErpBom: $($global:selectedID)")

 $selectedEntity = Get-VaultFile -FileId $global:selectedID

    Show-Inspector -Highlight selectedEntity

 Show-BomWindow -Entity $selectedEntity




Thanks in advance.

Hello Xavier,

With version 19 there were some changes as well as a breaking change regarding Show-BomWindow as stated on the coolOrange Wiki, please have a look at it.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

Hello thanks,

Yes I see this Wiki information but it don't see any change regarding the code I have to use? Or do I miss something?

Hello Xavier,

i will convert this topic into a ticket for further assistance.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

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