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Inventor Server - .ps1 adaptation

 Hi !

I have a job to export .pdf files with Power Job.

Firstly,I would like to know if it is possible with Vault 2018 and last version of Power Job, to use Inventor Server to export the .pdf files ?

Secontly, if the use of Inventor Server is possible, what should be changed in PowerShell job file to achieve this ?

In adavance, thank you very much for your help !


Hello Colin,

Inventor Server was introduced in Vault 2018.2. We added support for Inventor Server in powerJobs 19. If you have Vault 2018 Update 2 and powerJobs 19 it is possible to use it to export PDF files. 

You can use Inventor Server by specifying the Application in the Open-Document commandlet. In the standard job delivered with powerJobs just add -Application "InventorServer" to the Open-Document commandlet like this:

$openResult = Open-Document -LocalFile $file.LocalPath -Options @{ FastOpen = $fastOpen } -Application "InventorServer"

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Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

Thank you very much !

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