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Power Jobs v19 and Vault 2018 errors

Hi everybody,

We install Power Jobs v19 on Vault 2018.3 (Windows 10) and it doesn't work.

See the log file :

16:44:32: [ INFO ] - Product Version:

16:46:35: [ WARN ] - Runspace.Open() | Failed, exception = {System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException}.

16:46:35: [ WARN ] - PowerJobsHost.CreateRunspace() | Failed, exception = {System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException}.

16:46:35: [ WARN ] - PsJobRunner.Run({coolOrange.PowerJobs.JobHandler.PSJobInfo}) | Failed, exception = {System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException}.

16:46:35: [ WARN ] - PowerJobsClient.RunJob({Connectivity.JobHandlers.Services.Objects.Job}) | Failed, exception = {System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException}.

16:46:35: [ WARN ] - PowerJobHandler.Execute({Connectivity.JobHandlers.Services.Objects.ServiceJobProcessorServices}, {Connectivity.JobHandlers.Services.Objects.Job}) | Failed, exception = {System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException}.

Installing Back Power Jobs v18 resolve the problem.

Do you have an idea ? Because installing v19 has real interest because he don't use an Inventor License.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Thanks for reaching out to us. I'll need some more information to be able to assist you. Do you have all the requirements for powerJobs 19? You can find them in the coolOrange wiki. Can you please send me the powerJobs logfile located at "C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Local\coolOrange\powerJobs\Logs\powerJobs.log'"

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan


Thanks for your reply.

Below the requested informations :

- OS : Windows 10 x64

- Vault versions : Vault Professional 2018.3

- PowerShell version : 5

- DWG true View 2018 installed

- OK for the Autodesk Vault 2018 prerequisite

- LOG file added as an attachment

Do you need some additional informations. 

(888 Bytes)


Did you have powerJobs 18 installed and then upgraded it to powerJobs 19? Can you please try to uninstall powerJobs and powerVault 18 and then install powerJobs 19. Please let me know if that resolves the problem.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan


unfortunately the customer's pc is not accessible until next week.

I will uninstall version 18 and reinstall version 19.

I keep you informed.

Best Regards,



Have you had the chance to access the machine and test the suggested solution?

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

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