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pdf export with InventorServer clean-up fails

If i do a pdf export with inventor server from powerjobs 2019 the clean-up cmdlt doesn´t clean up working folder because Vaultinventorserver.exe still open in the background and locks the hided lockfile.lck in the working folder.

It´s done with the original pdf export example job!

Who isn´t working correctly powerjobs or inventor server?

Is there a work around?

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Hello Michael,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I was able to reproduce the issue. The Inventor Server process should not end at the end of the job. The problem seems to be that the document doesn't get closed properly with the commandlet Close-Document. The file lockfile.lck gets created at Open-Document and should disappear after Close-Document gets executed. Unfortunately i was not able to close the document unless when i killed the Inventor Server process. I will look for a better workaround and come back to you if i find one. I also reported this bug to our development team, who will look into the issue. 

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

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