powerGate 19.0.7 is ready

hi, a new version of powerGate has just been released. This version has a focus the BOM window for better usability. Many of the customers' requirements have been implemented. Here a short list of the new features:

- the tooltip on the BOM window has been strongly improved, so that now you can see the status for BOM and BOM rows separartely

- the message box for each transfer and check operation now shows a summary of the results

- the columns are now stored correctly, so that your settings are remembered

- and several important bug fixes

this version can be installed on every powerGate customer, without any need for code changes. 

It is recommended to remove the stored layout files when upgrading to this version

for more details, please check the change log https://www.coolorange.com/wiki/doku.php?id=powergate:change_logs#section1907


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