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Failed to find Item NumberingSchema: Mapped

I run into problems with the Get-VaultItem Commandlet when trying to re-number an item:

Update-VaultItem -Number 100053 -NewNumber "SomeStringValue"

2019-05-15 17:02:06,817 [Pipeline Execution Thread] ERROR powerVault.Cmdlets.Cmdlets.Vault.Operations.ItemRenameCheck - Failed to find Item NumberingSchema: Mapped


 $vault.ItemService.GetNumberingSchemesByType("activated") | ? { $_.Name -eq "Mapped" }


FieldArray : {Nummer}

Name : Mapped

SchmID : 10

IsAct : True

IsInUse : True

IsDflt : False

IsSys : False

SysName : E0A31A87-BA4C-44B4-A578-EAF51D0D9F12

ToUpper : False

PowerVault version:

Vault Build

2019.1.1 Update

I do not have unlimited access to the impacted machine, could you please point me to the information I should gather (which logfiles etc), so I am not missing anything?

Hello Tim,

Is this issue happening on a German Vault?

Please follow this article on the coolOrange knowledge base to change the logging level to DEBUG, reproduce the issue and send me the logfile.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

Hello Manuel,

it is an english server and a german client. I will check back tomorrow, when I hopefully will have access again. 

Thank you!



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