Release notification: Vault Fusion Lifecycle Connector Version 1.0

Hello Vault and Fusion Lifecycle community,

I’m happy to announce that the first version of the Vault Fusion Lifecycle Connector has been released to public!

The Vault Fusion Lifecycle Connector is an easy to configure, codeless integration between Autodesk Vault Professional and Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle. In addition to the latest Vault features such as “Attributes” and “Scheduled Jobs” it uses the latest and greatest Fusion Lifecycle V3 API and Forge 2-legged authentication!

The connector can be downloaded from the coolOrange download zone and is available for Vault Professional 2019 and Vault Professional 2020!

Version 1.0 contains the following features:

  • Project Synchronization
    Synchronizes FLC items to Vault folders/projects using Vaults "Scheduled Jobs"
  • Change Management
    Maps Fusion Lifecycle Change Order states to Vault File Lifecycle states, managing approvals and signoff of Vaulted designs from Fusion Lifecycle
  • File and File-BOM Transfer
    Transfers Vault file metadata, file and drawing attachments as well as Bill Of Material information to Fusion Lifecycle at configurable Vault file lifecycle state changes

Instructions on how to install, configure and use the connector can be found in the coolOrange documentation wiki:

To request features for further versions or to share ideas you can use the feature request forum: you create new feature request, please prefix the title with “FLC Connector:”).

Help and support is offered via the coolOrange support forum: via email:

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Have fun connecting PDM and PLM

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