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Vault2FLC Error


I am getting the errors in the attached images. I would really appreciate your help!



Hi Mr. Ghanbar,

can you send me the following log files, we will need them for further investigations about this matter.


And the standard autodesk JobProcessor logs that should be here:
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Vault Professional 2019\Explorer

if not found there you can look in the JobProcessor.exe.config in the same folder. In that file the path to the log file is defined

Hi Alex,

Please find the attached files. I couldn't find a log file for the Job Processor. I attached the windows logs that seem to be related.

please let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for your help!


(198 KB)
error 1.JPG
(224 KB)
(735 Bytes)

Alex, one other thing: my Vault pro version is 2019.3.

Thanks for the sending the information, we will look into this matter

Hi Mr. Ghanbar,

is this problem only on this special file, and did the transmission of the files ever work, or was this problem since the beginning?

There is alos the possibility  for a collegue of mine to make a teamViewer session with you and look on your machine if you want. Otherwise if you don't want that we will need to know what configurations are set.


Alex Quagliato

Hi Alex,

I am available today (Friday July 19th) if you would like to have a teamviewer session.

This happens to all the files. I had this problem since the beginning.


Hello Shaya,

Are you using the latest version of the Vault FLC Connector? You can find the latest version on the coolOrange Download Zone. There was a similar issue where the project file needs to be checked out. Can you please check if it works if you check out the project file?

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

Hi guys,

The issue was related to iproperty mapping from Vault to FLC. There are specific properties that need to exist in both Vault and FLC.

The image attached shows the property mapping required between Vault and FLC.



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