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Create items & BOMs in FLC and then push to Vault

We have proven that we can create items and BOMs in Inventor and Vault and use the connector to send those items to FLC. 

We need the reverse functionality as well. We need to create items and BOMs in FLC and then somehow sync them in Vault. We need to create designs both from the top down as well as the bottom up. When we start a project, we want non-CAD users to be able to generate the first few levels of an indented BOM in FLC. CAD users will then come along later working more from the bottom up in Inventor and Vault until they finally reach the point where they can produce the highest level assemblies. For a very simple test we did the following:

1. We created a part # in FLC

2. Generated a model with the same part # in Inventor

3. Stored that model in Vault

4. Tried to sync Vault with FLC. This failed as shown in the attached screenshot.

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