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Hyperlinks in FLC back to files in Vault

When it comes to physical files, our plan has always been to store drawings and models in Vault. In FLC we will want hyperlinks back to these physical files. We want to avoid duplication of data with attachments in FLC. For the most part, FLC will be a repository of Meta Data. It makes sense to have the thumbnails/visualizations in FLC but for other native files we would prefer a hyperlink back to Vault. Please add the hyperlink feature to the FLC connector.

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Hello Curtis,

This feature request is tracked internally. In the meantime we have created this article on the coolOrange knowledge base that shows how to upload a link to the Vault file to Fusion Lifecycle using the vaultFLC cmdlets. This is still not implemented in the standard workflows. I will reply here when this will be implemented in the standard workflows.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

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