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Running a DWF conversion at night

Need help getting a DWF job to run at night with custom settings.

Can i just create a  custom job that has get-vaultitem and then uses export-document ?

we want to run this job at night with the job processor and convert all things with a manager and all things that have been checked in today to be converted to a dwf overnight

The sample provided on the site doesn't have any notation.. how does it talk with the ini file 

Thank you 

Hello James,

For DWF job you can use the Sample.CreatePDF job that gets delivered with powerJobs and change Export-Document -Format to DWF.

For 2D you can use PDF_2D.ini, for 3D please have a look at the "FileObExportToDwf.ps1" scriptblock and the "DWF_3D.ini"

On this page you can find instructions on how to set up the jobs to run at a specific time.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

what is the easiest way to tell the job to grab everything that was checked in and create a dwf file for those and then check them into vault? 

Im able to convert .iam files into dwf and have them created locally, however i cant get the add vaultitem to work 

see the attached.. 


Hello James,

The cmdlets Close-Document and Add-VaultFile should be moved outside of the -OnExport argument.

I think one approach would be to check the "Checken In" , the "Date Modified" or the "Date Version Created" properties to get a list of the files that were checked in that day.

You can also configure Vault to automatically do this on check in. Please have a look at  this page on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

Thanks Manuel,

I was able to get the script going to convert IAM files to dwf 

My issue now is that it skips ipt files if there are any, and we would like to convert those as well 

ive attached my script for reference of anyone that wants to do something similiar.. 

is there something in the configuration file that would exclude ipt files?

im not very familiar with the inventor api

Thanks for all the help

you guys are great!


Hello James,

The line

$vfile1 = get-vaultfiles -properties @{'Name'='*.iam*';'State'='*??????*';}

is searching only for assemblies. If you also search for IPT files it should work.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

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