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Vault Pro 2020 - Job Dialog does not start

Hey guys,

when we try to start a job manualy from within Vault we click on powerJobs button an then click on Job Dialog. But nothing happens.

What can we do to solve this issue?



Hello Ramon,

this is a known bug of the new version. Here is a workaround for the meantime till the bug is fixed.

I wish you a nice day.


Alex Quagliato

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Hello Alex, 

thank you, works fine!

 Hi Alex,

 Is there a timeline for a fix for this issue?  We have dozens of scripts we may want to trigger from the Job Dialog button - adding them all individually to qjob isn't a workable solution for this.


Hello Brendan,

Unfortunately at the moment i can not tell when this issue will be addressed by our development team. The qJob configuration could be done one time and then you could deploy the configuration file to all required clients. The initial purpose of the powerJobs menu button was for development purposes. With the free qJob app it would be available on every Vault Client where qJob is installed.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

I find it happening as well with Vault Pro 2019 and the cO_powerJobs20.0_Vault2019.exe install.

This is an issue in powerJobs v20. The issue happens in all the v20 versions for the different Vault versions.

If you are using Vault 2019 you can install powerJobs v19 to get the Job Dialog but you'll lose the features and bugfixes that were implemented in powerJobs v20. Here you can find the Change Logs with a list of the features and bugfixes in v20.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

powerJobs Processor version 21.0.7 was just released.

In this version the issue with the powerJobs Processor Job Dialog was fixed.

You can download this version on the coolOrange Download Zone.

This version also contains breaking changes. You can read them on the powerJobs Processor Change logs.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

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