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PoweJobs Login Settings Location

Do anyone know where powerJobs saves the user name and server name?  


Hello  Cassidy,

thanks for your patience 

The credentials are saved where Autodesk is saving them and that is sadly not documented.

But if you want to change the credentials, you can do that in the autodesk job processor -> file -> click pause  and then in the settings you can change them


Alex Quagliato

Hi Alex

Thank you for your reply.  In particular which file would powerJobs be reading the last credentials used?  

The loginhistory.xml file was the only one I found with credentials, but powerJobs is not updating it if the settings were changed.


Let me know if you find any information on this.  Thanks!


Cassidy Ng

Hello  Cassidy,

I could still not find any information where this is saved. You are correct, the "LoginHistory.xml" file is not correct.

Why would you want to know where this is saved?

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

Hi Manuel

Thanks for your reply.  We need to run reports external to make sure the powerJobs is using the correct login information on each Job Processor.  If you can find out more information, please let me know.  This is extremely important.



Cassidy Ng

Hello Cassidy,

As my colleague already stated, powerJobs is taking the information from the Vault Jobprocessor and the location where the credentials are stored is not documented. I would suggest to contact Autodesk to find the location.

During a job you'll have the $vaultConnection object where you have UserName. So with


You can retrieve the user name.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

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