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Update Vault file property of a version


I like to update a property of a vault file. But I only like to update the property of an older Version! Is there a possibility to do this?

With the code 'Update-VaultFile' I only change the latest Version.

Thanks in advance!


Update-VaultFile -File <String> [-Comment <String>] [-Category <String>] [-Status <String>] [-LifecycleDefinition <String>] [-Revision <String>] [-RevisionDefinition <String>] [-Properties <Hashtable>] [-AddChilds <String[]>] [-Childs <String[]>] [-RemoveChilds <String[]>] [-AddAttachments <String[]>] [-Attachments <String[]>] [-RemoveAttachments <String[]>] [<CommonParameters>]


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Hello Martin,

thank you for your patience.

Sadly, that's currently not possible


Alex Quagliato

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