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FLC Connector: Improve performance with parallel requests

Uploading a huge BOM can take pretty long as each item is created with a unique api call to FLC. And these calls are executed in sequential order. Would it be possible to improve the performance by submitting multiple requests in parallel?

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Hello Sven,

Thank you for your input. There already exists a feature request to improve the performance of the BOM transfer. At the moment the standard workflows are not configurable to achieve this. I will post an update on this forum entry when the development team will address this.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

Hello Sven,

The performance issue was addressed by our development team and powerFLC version 21.1.3 was just released.

This version includes performance improvements for the "Transfer Item BOMs" workflow and improvements for the BOM Cmdlets Get-FLCBOM and Update-FLCBOM.

The full Change Logs can be found on this page and powerFLC 21.1.3 can be downloaded on the coolOrange Download Zone.

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