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Change orders Powervault

I was wondering if there was a way to get vault change orders and export them as a csv,

Trying to use $vault.changeorderservice.getchangeorderbynumber but just getting all sorts of errors.

Exception calling "GetChangeOrderByNumber" with "1" argument(s): "1608"

Hello James,

To be able to assist you better i'll need some more information:

  • Which Vault version are you using?
  • Which powerVault version are you using?

The exception you are receiving indicates that no Change Order with the passed number was found. Does it exist in Vault?

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

Sorry about that, 

vault 2020 professional


powervault ver 20.0.7

and see attached for name (perhaps im not doing it correctly )



is there a way to use this to get all and and put them to a csv file?

Thanks for your help

my apologies! it seems that powervault had stopped functioning correctly and needed to be rebooted 

as for the second part, is there a way to get all changeorders?

Hello James,

You can use the Vault search to get ChangeOrders. Please have a look at this article on the coolOrange knowledge base that shows how to use the API to do searches. You can re use the function "New-SearchCondition" with small modifications such as EntityClassId "CO" instead of "FILE" to get ChangeOrders in "Get-PropertyDefinitionByName"

Then call the function to get the searchConditions to get all ChangeOrders:

$searchConditions = New-SearchCondition -PropertyName "" -searchOperator Contains

and then use:

$vault.ChangeOrderService.FindChangeOrdersBySearchConditions($searchConditions, sortCondition, [ref]$bookmark, [ref]$searchstatus)

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

Hello James,

After searching for the ChangeOrders using the Vault API search you could export them to CSV e.g. using the Powershell cmdlet Export-Csv.

Kind regards,

Mauel Cassan

im not able to get it to work using the instructions provided. i get errors. 

any way you will be building these functions into the powervault commandlets?

Hello James,

What kind of errors are you getting?

Can you please send me the script you are using?

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

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