v21 versions are out!


the v21 versions of the following products are now released. With the v21 releases we also renamed some products:

In this version the support for Autodesk 2021 products was added. The v21 versions are backwards compatible with the 2020 and the 2019 Autodesk products.

In the v21 versions the Splashscreens were removed from 


The v21 versions can be downloaded on the coolOrange download zone.


Hi Manuel, and for powerGate Server and Client I only see the v20, is it compatible with R2021 of Vault? Thanks in advance.

Hello Xavier,

powerGateServer and powerGate Client do not depend on the Vault version, therefore it should be possible to use it.

We will release the v21 versions for powerGate and powerGateServer at a later time.

When the versions are released we will post another announcement in this forum.

Kind regards,

Manuel Cassan

Thanks. OK good to know, then I will migrate my test/demo environment with this v20 and Vault Professional 2021.

Have a nice day.

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