powerGate 21.0.8 was just released!


A new version of powerGate was just released.

This version contains changes to the Add-BomWindowEntity Cmdlet with -Type BomRow:

  • Using the Add-BomWindowEntity Cmdlet it is now possible to pass Entity properties and BOM properties.
  • Entity properties can now be displayed in the BOM tab for newly created BomRows
  • An issue was fixed where Update-BomWindowEntity did not update entity properties for BomRows created with Add-BomWindowEntity.

Breaking changes:

  • BOM properties now have to be passed with a Bom_ prefix since Add-BomWindowEntity now distinguishes BOM and entity properties
  • BOM properties are now returned with a Bom_ prefix.

You can find more information in the Change Logs.

The new version can be downloaded from the coolOrange Download Zone


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