powerGate 21.0.13 was just released!


A new version of powerGate was just released. 

In this version, error handling for cmdlets has been improved. Non-terminating errors within Cmdlets can now be retrieved more easily using the $Error variable. 

If the cmdlet fails due to error responses returned by the ERP system, this variable provides access to readable error messages from the server.

Breaking changes:

  • The cmdlets: Get-ERPEntityTypes, Get-ERPEntitySets, Get-ERPServices, Get-ERPObjects which previously returned $null on error, now return empty array.
  • .Net Library:  The GetErpObject(..) function no long throws exceptions if the ERP object cannot be found.

The following article describes how customization should be updated.

You can find the full Change Logs on this page.

The new powerGate version can be downloaded on the coolOrange Download Zone.


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