powerFLC 22.0.15 was just released!


A new version of powerFLC has just been released. This version the following changes were implemented:

  • Transfer Item BOMs workflow:
    • An issue was fixed with the validation of the existence of related Fusion 360 Manage Items by using separate Get-FLCItems calls.
    • Item details are only updated if the description has changed since the last transfer. Additionally they are directly updated for all Vault Items contained in the BOM
    • Updated script to be easily readable. The workflow job is now split into distinct sections. The first section processes Items and the second processes BOMs
  • Transfer Item BOMs workflow performance improvements:
    • Get-FLCItems, Add-FLCItem, Update-FLCItem, Get-FLCBOM, Update-FLCBOM: Image fields only download the content when the properties are accessed
    • Get-FLCBOM: Improved performance for large BOMs
    • Replaced function mappings for retrieving primary Item-File links with the new Field mapping group "Vault Primary File properties - FLC Item fields"
    • Add-FLCItem, Update-FLCItem: Performance improvement by reducing the amount of requests sent to Fusion 360 Manage

Additionally some cosmetic changes were made to all scripts to improve readability

Breaking changes:

The new powerFLC version contains breaking changes. You can find the breaking changes along with instructions on how to update from a previous version On this article.

The new powerFLC version can be downloaded from the coolOrange Download Zone


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