powerJobs Processor 22.0.7 was just released!


A new version of powerJobs Processor was just released. In this version we worked on the Sample jobs that are delivered with powerJobs Processor:

  • The sample job "Sample.CreateDXF" was renamed to "Sample.CreateDXFfromDrawing"
  • The sample job "Sample.CreateSTEP" was renamed to "Sample.CreateSTEPfromModel"

A new sample job "Sample.CreateDXF&STEPfromSheetmetal" was added that allows you to create DXF and STEP files from sheet metal parts with configurable settings.

The following sample jobs were extended with simple configurable settings like publishing the file to a network share:

  • Sample.CreatePDF
  • Sample.CreateDXFfromDrawing
  • Sample.CreateSTEPfromModel

The full Change Longs can be found on the coolOrange wiki

The new powerJobs Processor version can be downloaded from the coolOrange Download Zone


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