powerEvents 22.0.4 was just released!


A new powerEvents version was just released. In this version the sample scripts were updated:

  • The sample script "Sample.TriggerDwfJobOnRelease" was removed
  • A new event script is now shipped with powerEvents. The script "Sample.SubmitPublishingJobsOnRelease" handles publishing files on release. The script handles PDF creation for Inventor and AutoCAD drawings and also STEP and DXF creation for sheet metal parts. The script also includes simple settings that allow further customization.
  • A new script "Sample.RestrictDisturbingSubmittedJobs" that is also shipped with this version restricts changing the state of files if there are jobs in the Vault job queue for that file.

You can find the full Change Logs here.

The new powerEvents version can be downloaded on the coolOrange Download Zone.


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