After installing threadModeler for Inventor 2017 or newer, the threadModeler panel is not visible in the coolOrange ribbon.


  • Since Inventor 2017 third party add-ins have to be explicitly allowed. 
  • Inventor LT does not support the use of third party add-ins
  • An unsupported version of Inventor is used.
  • An assembly is opened
  • In some rare cases there is an issue with the installer


  • In order to allow threadModeler follow these steps:
    • Navigate to Tools -> Options
    • Press Add-Ins to open the add-in manager
    • In the add-in manager select the coolorange-ThreadModeler add-in
    • Uncheck the "Block" checkbox
    • Check the "Loaded/Unloaded" and "Load Automatically" check boxes
    • Press "OK"
  • If Inventor LT is used you will need to upgrade to Inventor or Inventor professional
  • If an unsupported version of Inventor is used you will need to upgrade to a supported version. Currently supported versions are listed on threadModeler's download page. (2014 and upwards when this was written)
  • ThreadModeler only works for parts
  • If everything of the above did not help you, your problem is probably the msi installer. Contact our support and tell them about it. They will provide you with an alternative installer