When the Open-VaultConnection commandlet is used it returns an 404 error. This is only the case when attempting to connect to an incompatible Vault Server version. The error message may look like this (Error message translated from german):

The remote server returned an error (404) Not found. ---> System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException: There was no endpoint listening at "http://SERVERNAME/AutodeskDM/Services/Filestore/v25/IdentificationService.svc" that could accept the message.


On the client environment a powerVault version is installed that targets the Vault Client version of that machine. Vault clients can only connect to their respective server version or up to two versions higher. This means when the Vault 2020 Client (internal number v25) is installed, connecting a Vault 2019 Server would produce the above error.


  • Upgrade the Vault Server to a compatible Version
  • Install a compatible Vault Client version and the matching powerVault version