When PDF are created of AutoCAD drawings with powerJobs Processor the lines are squished and way to thick.


The following settings are able to cause this behavior

  • The setting "Scale lineweights" is checked. When a big paper size is selected this can cause the lines to be out of proportion
  • Setting the scale to improper values


To find out what setting is causing this you should try a couple of settings in DwgTrueView.

  • Open your drawing in TrueView
  • Select the layout you want to plot
  • Right click the layout tab and select "Plot..."
  • Configure "Paper size", "Plot area" and "Plot scale" the exactly as you did in your setup drawing. (Pdf.dwg per default)
  • In "Printer/plotter" select any PDF printer
  • Press OK

The resulting PDF should be the same as the one produced by powerJobs Processor. Now you can change one setting at a time to see if it stops being squished.

  • First you should uncheck the "Scale lineweights" setting and see if that changes anything. 
  • If that was not the issue it is probably due to the scale. If the paper size differs from the size used in your drawing you should check that the unit was not wrongly set to mm/inch. For example if your drawing has a 1:1 scale with mm as unit and the unit is changed to a 1:1 scale with inch as unit your drawing will be squished as the correct scale would be 1:25.4