• When starting powerJobs Processor the status bar displays "Processing" for a while before switching to "Idle"
  • The log window logs multiple lines of [INFO] – Product version
  • Sometimes "[FATAL] - .ctor failed" is logged


  • The Vault jobprocessor consists of multiple processes. The actual work is done by Connectivity.JobProcessor.Delegate.Host.exe
  • The Jobprocessor.exe regularly checks if the Connectivity.JobProcessor.Delegate.Host.exe ist still alive
  • Per default there is a timeout of 30 seconds for this check. If those 30 seconds are not sufficient it causes this behaviour


  • Open "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Vault ...\Explorer\JobProcessor.exe.config"  
  • Increase the value in <configuration><appSettings><add key="PingTimeOut" value="30" /> to at least 120
  • Save the config file