Multiple single/multi page PDF files should be merged into one multi page PDF file


The Pdfsharp library allows you to do many different operations on PDF files. As it is a .NET library you can use it without any issues within Powershell. In the attached you will find a psm1 file and the PdfSharp-gdi.dll in version 1.5.4000. The MergePdf function in the module demonstratesĀ 

- How to load the library in Powershell

- How to make a new PDF with Pdfsharp

- How to open existing files with Pdfsharp

- How to add pages of existing PDFs to another PDF

- How to save a PDF with Pdfsharp

You'll find links to the Pdfsharp source code on their website. If you don't want to compile it yourself you can grab a compiled assembly from nuget.

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