When powerJobs is started through powerJobs.exe the following error is displayed:

Startup-Operation: 'RestrictionChecks' failed! Please see logfile for more informations

The log file can be found in "%localappdata%\coolOrange\powerJobs\logs"

The log file contains an error like this one

Path: 'C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\<Vault ####>\Extensions\coolOrange.powerJobs.Handler\PowerJobs.vcet.config' Requires rights: 'Write', 'WriteAttributes', 'WriteExtendedAttributes' and 'Append'.


When powerJobs.exe ist started it checks the job folder for new ps1 files and adds a them to the PowerJobs.vcet.config file. This is necessary in order for the Vault Jobprocessor to recognize the jobs. When the current Windows user lacks the permissions to do this the Startup-Operation message is displayed.


  • Navigate to "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\<Vault ####>\Extensions\coolOrange.powerJobs.Handler"
  • Right click "PowerJobs.vcet.config"
  • Select "Properties"
  • Select the "Security" tab
  • Make sure the current user has at least 'Write', 'WriteAttributes', 'WriteExtendedAttributes' and 'Append' permission
  • Make sure the current user is not explicitly denied one of the 'Write', 'WriteAttributes', 'WriteExtendedAttributes' and 'Append' permissions


Do NOT start powerJobs with "Rightclick -> Run as Administrator" to get rid of this message. powerJobs won't be able to properly use Inventor if you do that.