powerJobs Processor should be started automatically when the work station restarts


In powerJobs Processor 22.0.3 an automatic login feature was implemented. Install at least this version to be able to start powerJobs Processor automatically.

You can follow this giude from Autodesk to start powerJobs Processor automatically by using the Windows Task Scheduler. Just use the powerJobs.exe from "C:\Program Files\coolOrange\powerJobs Processor" instead of the jobProcessor.exe.

The option "Start on Windows Logon" in the jobProcessor "Administration" tab currently does not work with powerJobs! When enabled it starts the jobProcessor.exe

Automatically start the jobProcessor.exe

If you can not install at least powerJobs Processor 22.0.3 you can use the jobprocessor.exe instead.

You can either do this by checking the "Start on Windows Logon" setting in the "Administration" tab of the Jobprocessor window or by using a batch file during startup. Please refer to the Microsoft and Autodesk documentation for information how to automate the Jobprocessor with scripts.

When using Jobprocessor.exe instead of powerJobs.exe you will lose the following powerJobs Processor features:

  • powerJobs Processor log window
  • Automatic update of configuration files. (Just start powerJobs.exe one time after adding/removing script files. The configuration changes carry over when using Jobprocessor.exe)
  • Time triggered jobs

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