The powerVault commandlet 'Get-VaultFileBom' is crashing on your machine or not behaving correctly and our product support asked you to export the BOM(Bill of Material) of the file.


You can use the coolOrange BomExtractor to export the BOM of the file in question and all its dependencies. You can then submit the extracted BOM's to our support via email ( for further analysis.

Download of the tool:

The BomExtractor tool is attached to this post. You can simply download the right ZIP file for your Vault version and you are ready to install the tool.

Installation of the tool:

To install the tool you have to unblock the downloaded ZIP file first.

After the archive has been unblocked successfully, you can extract it to a location of your choice. The archive should contain the following two files:

  • BomExtractor.dll
  • BomExtractor.vcet.config

To install the BomExtractor, you have to create a new subfolder (named i.e. 'BomExtractor') in your Vault's extensions folder and copy the two files to the newly created subfolder. The default Vault extensions folder is located at "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Vault <version>\Extensions\". The completed installation should result in an extensions subfolder that looks similar to the following:

How to use the tool:

To use the BomExtractor tool you have to restart your Vault Client at least once after the installation. After a successful installation of the tool you should be able to see an additional context menu entry when you right-click on a file in Vault called 'Extract BOMs'.BomExtractor context menu entry

To extract the BOM's of a file you can click on the 'Extract BOMs' context menu entry and you will be asked to specify an output folder:

Output folder selection

After you press the 'OK' button to specify the output directory, the tool will start to export the BOM files. Currently the BomExtractor does not have a progress indicator and exporting BOMs of big assemblies can take quite a while. During the export the Vault client will be unresponsive. Once it has collected all required files, it will save them to the output directory as a .ZIP file. The name of the file consists of the original vault file name and ''

Removal of the tool:

To remove the tool and context menu entry, you can simply remove the install directory or the .dll and .vcet.config files in the install directory.


  • The tool uses the directory 'C:\BOMExtractor\to store the extracted BOM files temporarily this folder should not be touched during operation, the tool will remove the directory after the export.